ACT College & University Festival

The ACT College/University Theatre Festival is scheduled for October 20 & 21, 2017 on the campus of the Samford University, Birmingham, AL.  Held in conjunction with the SETC State Screening Auditions, the weekend promises to be a great time for faculty and students around the state to compete, learn, and observe some great theatre.


SETC State Screening Auditions 2017


Spring Professional Auditions

The SETC conducts one of the country’s largest combined auditions. Approximately 85 companies gather at our Annual Convention to audition over 800 actors. To be eligible to audition as a professional you must be 18 years of age or older, not be currently enrolled in school and have had a minimum of two paid professional jobs in live theatre since completing your training. Dancer Only Auditions also occur at the Spring Convention.


Screening for Pre-Professionals and College Students

Individuals (including students) interested in auditioning at the Spring Auditions who do not meet the above professional qualifications must first audition and be passed on at the state level before being allowed to audition as a part of the Spring Auditions.


Alabama auditions will be held at Samford University, on Friday and Saturday, October 20 & 21.  Please see the schedule below.  Registration opens on the SETC website on September 15. The DEADLINE for registration is October 4. Once auditionees have registered, they should watch their email for important updates from the State Screenings Auditions Coordinator.

Friday, Oct. 20
2:30pm Registration is open
3:30pm Mandatory Briefing – Harrison Theatre Main Stage

*All Friday auditionees must attend!

4:00-7:00pm Auditions – Theatre Main Stage


Saturday, Oct. 21
8:30am Registration is open
9:30am Mandatory Briefing –  Harrison Theatre Main Stage

*All Saturday morning auditionees must attend!

10:00am-1:30pm Auditions morning session – Theatre Main Stage
1:30 Lunch
2:00 Mandatory Briefing –  Harrison Theatre Main Stage

*All Saturday afternoon auditionees must attend!

2:30-5:00pm Auditions afternoon session –  Theatre Main Stage


If you are in production on the day of the screening auditions, you MUST contact April Marshall at the SETC Central Offices soon as possible for reassignment to another state’s screening auditions. ONLY auditionees with proof of being in a production on the day of the Alabama screening auditions will be eligible for reassignment through the SETC auditions committee.


Adults not registered in a college or university MAY also go through state screening auditions if they are seeking work from professional companies at SETC. They should have a director from wherever they do theatre (community theatre, for instance) sign the application for them. If they already have 2 professional credits, they may choose to go through professional auditions instead of screening auditions.


 You are encouraged to register early!

For SETC Screening Auditions information, contact ACT Executive Director,

For College/University Festival Information, contact Regan McClung,