Deadline for submission:  5 p.m. November 1, 2018


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The Alabama Conference of Theatre will hold auditions annually at the Trumbauer Festival for four $1000 scholarships for Alabama students (either high school seniors or junior college transfers) planning to enter a four-year Alabama college or university, majoring in Drama or Theatre. The scholarships are usually‚ but not required‚ to be three performance and one technical/design. The award will be presented to the student upon his or her registering with an accredited undergraduate college or university within Alabama with the intention of majoring in theatre. Other criteria considered are a minimum GPA of 2.5, a score of 19 on ACT or 1000 on SAT test, artistic involvement, and quality of work.


Acting/Musical Theatre Auditions may not exceed 60 seconds. Selection is up to the student. It can be one monologue over the entire time, two contrasting monologues, or a monologue and a song. For the performance audition, a monologue must be presented. Technical auditions may not exceed 90 seconds.
No refunds will be given. Complete the form and follow instructions at the end of this application.


Date/Time: Thursday, November 29, 2018, 6 PM (Auditionees should check in by 5:00 p.m.)

Location: University Center, Troy University, Troy, Alabama

  • The audition process starts with Technical/Design students. Student work will be set up in a room near the auditions. When the audition begins, the students will state their name and number. Students give a 90 second presentation of their material. If necessary, additional questioning by judges/college representatives will be allowed. After that, the judges/college representatives return to the Theatre.
  • After the Tech/Design walk thru, the acting/musical theatre auditions begin.
  • This is a closed audition. This is not a performance. Only the judges and college representatives are allowed to attend the audition.
  • Performance selection is up to the student. It can be one monologue over the entire time, two contrasting monologues, or a monologue and a song.
  • For the performance audition, a monologue MUST be presented.
  • Whatever format is chosen is limited to 60 seconds.
  • For musical auditions an accompanist will not be provided. Acapella singing is not allowed. A speaker with a CD player AND a 3.5 mm headphone jack will be provided for use with digital music. All digital devices must have appropriate ports available without cases interfering. No other jack will be provided. This will be a strictly ‘plug and play’ situation. A sound technician will not be available.
  • One student is asked to take the stage with student #2 waiting in the wings.
  • When student #1 finishes, they return to their seat and #3 takes their place in the wings. Once #3 is in place and #1 has sat down, #2 begins. And so forth.
  • The timer begins after the name and number of the student has been given. Students are asked to state their name and number prior to beginning, and again prior to leaving the stage. Time is called if the 60 second limit is reached.
  • A five minute break is placed between 15 and 20 students to allow movement in and out of the room and to allow for a drink/restroom visit by the judges.
  • Once the auditions are complete, the students are excused while the colleges compile their callback lists. The lists are delivered to the person conducting the session.
  • Call back lists are posted in a common area outside of the audition room once all lists are collected. Students are then able to visit with specific colleges at the College Fair.


Please visit for more information/deadlines and also the college/university section of this website.