The Alabama Conference of Theatre (ACT) is a 501 (C) (3) non-profit corporation with its roots deep in Alabama history through the merger of two organizations: The Alabama Theatre League (ATL) and The Alabama Speech Communication and Theatre Association (ASCTA).

about2In the early ‘70s a group of university and college theatre educators formed the ATL to support and promote theatre in Alabama. In October of 1972, ATL became a non-profit corporation with the filing of its “Certificate of Incorporation.” Article II of the Certificate states the organizational goals were:

  • To improve the quality of the theatre and performing arts on all levels throughout the State of Alabama;
  • To encourage the further development of theatrical related activities;
  • To create a closer relationship between actors and persons associated with the theatre and the arts at all levels;
  • To train audiences to a greater appreciation of theatrical performances and arts related thereto;
  • To cooperate and maintain a close and beneficial relationship with individuals or organizations within or without the State of Alabama who entertain an interest similar to the purposes set out herein;
  • To do all things necessary and incident to promoting and maintaining the theatrical arts in the State of Alabama;
  • To raise funds by solicitation and by other means for the purposes of financing and carrying out the purposes of the corporation.

In 1978, a group of secondary educators formed the Alabama Speech Communications and Theatre Association (ASCTA) with a similar set of goals and a focus on secondary educational theatre.

about-imageIn 1992, The two organizations merged to become the Alabama Conference of Theatre and Speech (ACTS). A few years ago, the word “Speech” was dropped from the name and today we have The Alabama Conference of Theatre: a network of theatre artists who promote, strengthen, and sustain theatre in Alabama.

Today, ACT is a premiere resource for theatre in Alabama through their five divisions: Theatre for Youth, Secondary, College/University, Community, and Professional. ACT holds theatre festivals and provides other resources to theatre artists throughout Alabama and beyond.

ACT Constitution_Bylaws – Updated and Approved September 1 2021

ACT Manual 2012– Approved 2013

ACT – Diversity and Inclusion Statement

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Annual ACT Awards

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Honoring Pioneers in Alabama Theatre

1978 – Telfair B. Peet, Auburn University

1979 – Bill Ozier, Birmingham Actor’s Theatre

1980 – Walter and Willilee Trumbauer, University of Montevallo

1981 – Guy Downey, Birmingham and Marian Gallaway, University of Alabama

1984 – T. Earle Johnson, Tuscaloosa

1985 – Saunders Walker, Tuskegee

1988 – Florence Pass, Ensley High School

1989 – Irving Stern, Birmingham Jewish Community Theatre

1990 – Lois Garren, Auburn University

1992 – Hugh Moore, Jefferson County Schools

1993 – James Hatcher, Birmingham Town and Gown Theatre

1994 – Jim Rye, Birmingham Children’s Theatre

1995 – David Dye, Troy University

1996 – A. Cleveland Harrison, Auburn University

1997 – Allen Bales, University of Alabama

1998 – Newton Neely, University of Montevallo

1999 – Harold L. Hunt, Samford University

2000 – Arnold Powell, Birmingham Southern College, Birmingham Festival Theatre

2001 – Charles Harbour, University of Montevallo

2002 – R. Eugene Jackson, University of South Alabama

2003 – Bob. G. Smith, University of Mobile

2004 – Ward Haarbauer, University of Alabama, Birmingham

2005 – Randy Marsh – Alabama School of Fine Arts

2008 – Julia Matson, Birmingham Southern College

2009 – Michael P. Howley, Alabama State University

2010 – Ann M. Everett, Northeast Alabama Community College

2011 – William Shanks, Birmingham Community Theatre

2013 – Colleen Campbell Forrer, Red Door Theatre, Union Springs

2017 – Roberta “Bobbie” Gamble, Greenville

2018 – Tina Turley, Theatre Tuscaloosa

2019 – Lonny Harrison, St James School, Montgomery

2020 – Charles Kilian, Alabama Shakespeare Festival

2021 – Eleanor Kerr Davis

2022 – Mike Winkelman

For Contributions to Theatre in Alabama

1977 – James Hatcher, Birmingham Town and Gown Theatre

1978 – W. T. Chichester, University of Montevallo

1979 – Arnold Powell, Birmingham Southern College

1980 – Father Anthony Zoghby, Mobile Theatre Guild

1981 – Allen Bales, University of Alabama

1984 – Dorothy Schwartz Outstanding Educator Award

1985 – Winton and Carolyn Bount, Montgomery

1988 – David Dye, Troy University

1989 – Martin Platt, Birmingham Repertory Theatre

1990 – Charles Harbour, University of Montevallo

1991 – Ward Haarbauer, University of Alabama at Birmingham

1993 – John Ross, University of Alabama

1994 – Victor Fitchner, Jefferson County Schools

1995 – Michael McKee, Mobile Theatre Guild

1996 – Newton Neely, University of Montevallo

1997 – Frank R. Trechsel, Jr., Birmingham Festival Theatre

1998 – Sandra Taylor, Hoover High School

1999 – Ed Williams, University of Alabama

2000 – Ron Harris, Lee High School Magnet

2001 – Martha Haarbauer, The Seasoned Performers

2002 – Kent Thompson, Alabama Shakespeare Festival

2003 – Carl Stewart, Terrific New Theatre

2004 – Michael P. Howley, Alabama State University

2005 – Martha P. Summey, Altamont School

2008 – Jesse Bates, Alabama School of Fine Arts

2009 – Chris Rich, Troy University

2010 – Will York, University of Alabama, Birmingham

2011 – Kristy Meanor, Wetumpka Depot Players

2012 – Michael Flowers, Birmingham Southern College

2013 – Greta Lambert, Alabama Shakespeare Festival

2015 – Donnie Bryan

2016 – Alan Litsey, Birmingham Southern College

2017 – Adena Moree, Troy University

2018 – Katie Pearson, Theatre UAM, Montgomery

2019 – Sue Ellen Gerrells, South City Theatre, Pelham

2020 – Neil David Seibel, Auburn University Montgomery

2021 – Georgette M Norman, Cloverdale Playhouse

2022 – Yvette Jones-Smedley

Dorothy Schwartz Outstanding Educator Award

1993 – Julia Matson, Birmingham Public Schools

1994 – Hal McIntosh, Hewitt-Trussville High School, Trussville

1995 – Laura Wilson Roberts, UMS-Wright Preparatory School, Mobile

1996 – Anita Smelley, Hillcrest High School, Tuscaloosa

1997 – Ron Harris, Lee High School, Huntsville

1999 – Vic Fichtner, Jefferson County Schools

2000 – Roy Hudson, Shades Valley High School

2001 – Suzanne Mann, Crestline Elementary School

2002 – Donnie Bryan, Bradshaw High School

2003 – Flynn Murphy, Lee High School (Montgomery)

2004 – Barton Dwayne Craft, Bob Jones High School

2005 – Jesse Bates, Alabama School of the Fine Arts

2018 – Jeff Glass, Wetumpka High School, Wetumpka

2019 – Rebecca Britton, University of South Alabama

2020 – Patricia Putman, Past Director, Alabama Conference of Theatre

2021 – Roy Lightner, University of Alabama at Birmingham

2022 – Randy Foster

Secondary Theater Teacher OF THE YEAR

2008 – Jesse Tilton, Spain Park High School

2009 – Connie Voight, The Randolph School

2010 – Pat Yates, Mountain Brook High School

2011 – Patricia Putman, Corner High School

2012 – Gary Weatherly, Mountain Brook High School

2013 – Amy Patel, James Clemens High School

2014 – Revel Gholston, Opelika High School

2015 – Eric Reid-St John, Spain Park High School

2016 — Michael Clint Merritt, James Clemens High School

2017– Jamie Stephenson, Vestavia Hills High School

2018 – Sara Argiro, DeKalb County Schools

2019 – Alex Silva, Alma Bryant High School

2020 – Jeff Glass, Wetumpka High School

2021 – Meghan Phelps, Huntsville High School

2022 – Amy Patel, Jame Clemens High School