About ACT

The Alabama Conference of Theatre (ACT) is a 501 (C) (3) non-profit corporation with its roots deep in Alabama history through the merger of two organizations: The Alabama Theatre League (ATL) and The Alabama Speech Communication and Theatre Association (ASCTA).

In the early ‘70s a group of university and college theatre educators formed the ATL to support and promote theatre in Alabama. In October of 1972, ATL became a non-profit corporation with the filing of its “Certificate of Incorporation.” Article II of the Certificate states the organizational goals were:

  • To improve the quality of the theatre and performing arts on all levels throughout the State of Alabama;
  • To encourage the further development of theatrical related activities;
  • To create a closer relationship between actors and persons associated with the theatre and the arts at all levels;
  • To train audiences to a greater appreciation of theatrical performances and arts related thereto;
  • To cooperate and maintain a close and beneficial relationship with individuals or organizations within or without the State of Alabama who entertain an interest similar to the purposes set out herein;
  • To do all things necessary and incident to promoting and maintaining the theatrical arts in the State of Alabama;
  • To raise funds by solicitation and by other means for the purposes of financing and carrying out the purposes of the corporation.

In 1978, a group of secondary educators formed the Alabama Speech Communications and Theatre Association (ASCTA) with a similar set of goals and a focus on secondary educational theatre.

In 1992, The two organizations merged to become the Alabama Conference of Theatre and Speech (ACTS). A few years ago, the word “Speech” was dropped from the name and today we have The Alabama Conference of Theatre: a network of theatre artists who promote, strengthen, and sustain theatre in Alabama.

Today, ACT is a premiere resource for theatre in Alabama through their five divisions: Theatre for Youth, Secondary, College/University, Community, and Professional. ACT holds theatre festivals and provides other resources to theatre artists throughout Alabama and beyond.

ACT Constitution – Bylaws

ACT Budget 2016-17


THEATRE HALL OF FAME AWARD: Honoring Pioneers in Alabama Theatre
1978 Telfair B. Peet, Auburn University
1979 Bill Ozier, Birmingham Actor’s Theatre
1980 Walter and Willilee Trumbauer, University of Montevallo
1981 Guy Downey, Birmingham and Marian Gallaway, University of Alabama
1984 T. Earle Johnson, Tuscaloosa
1985 Saunders Walker, Tuskegee
1988 Florence Pass, Ensley High School
1989 Irving Stern, Birmingham Jewish Community Theatre
1990 Lois Garren, Auburn University
1992 Hugh Moore, Jefferson County Schools
1993 James Hatcher, Birmingham Town and Gown Theatre
1994 Jim Rye, Birmingham Children’s Theatre
1995 David Dye, Troy University
1996 A. Cleveland Harrison, Auburn University
1997 Allen Bales, University of Alabama
1998 Newton Neely, University of Montevallo
1999 Harold L. Hunt, Samford University
2000 Arnold Powell, Birmingham Southern College, Birmingham Festival Theatre
2001 Charles Harbour, University of Montevallo
2002 R. Eugene Jackson, University of South Alabama
2003 Bob. G. Smith, University of Mobile
2004 Ward Haarbauer, University of Alabama, Birmingham
2005 Randy Marsh – Alabama School of Fine Arts
2008 Julia Matson, Birmingham Southern College
2009 Michael P. Howley, Alabama State University
2010 Ann M. Everett, Northeast Alabama Community College
2011 William Shanks, Birmingham Community Theatre
2013 Colleen Campbell Forrer, Red Door Theatre, Union Springs
MARIAN GALLAWAY AWARD: For Contributions to Theatre in Alabama
1977 James Hatcher, Birmingham Town and Gown Theatre
1978 W. T. Chichester, University of Montevallo
1979 Arnold Powell, Birmingham Southern College
1980 Father Anthony Zoghby, Mobile Theatre Guild
1981 Allen Bales, University of Alabama
1984 Dorothy Schwartz Outstanding Educator Award
1985 Winton and Carolyn Bount, Montgomery
1988 David Dye, Troy University
1989 Martin Platt, Birmingham Repertory Theatre
1990 Charles Harbour, University of Montevallo
1991 Ward Haarbauer, University of Alabama at Birmingham
1993 John Ross, University of Alabama
1994 Victor Fitchner, Jefferson County Schools
1995 Michael McKee, Mobile Theatre Guild
1996 Newton Neely, University of Montevallo
1997 Frank R. Trechsel, Jr., Birmingham Festival Theatre
1998 Sandra Taylor, Hoover High School
1999 Ed Williams, University of Alabama
2000 Ron Harris, Lee High School Magnet
2001 Martha Haarbauer, The Seasoned Performers
2002 Kent Thompson, Alabama Shakespeare Festival
2003 Carl Stewart, Terrific New Theatre
2004 Michael P. Howley, Alabama State University
2005 Martha P. Summey, Altamont School
2008 Jesse Bates, Alabama School of Fine Arts
2009 Chris Rich, Troy University
2010 Will York, University of Alabama, Birmingham
2011 Kristy Meanor, Wetumpka Depot Players
2012 Michael Flowers, Birmingham Southern College
2013– Greta Lambert, Alabama Shakespeare Festival
2015–Donnie Bryan 

Dorothy Schwartz Outstanding Educator Award

1993 Julia Matson, Birmingham Public Schools
1994  Hal McIntosh, Hewitt-Trussville High School, Trussville
1995 Laura Wilson Roberts, UMS-Wright Preparatory School, Mobile
1996 Anita Smelley, Hillcrest High School, Tuscaloosa
1997 Ron Harris, Lee High School, Huntsville
1999 Vic Fichtner, Jefferson County Schools
2000 Roy Hudson, Shades Valley High School
2001 Suzanne Mann, Crestline Elementary School
2002 Donnie Bryan, Bradshaw High School
2003 Flynn Murphy, Lee High School (Montgomery)
2004 Barton Dwayne Craft, Bob Jones High School
2005 Jesse Bates, Alabama School of the Fine Arts
Secondary Theater Teacher OF THE YEAR
2008 Jesse Tilton, Spain Park High School
2009 Connie Voight, The Randolph School
2010 Pat Yates, Mountain Brook High School
2011 Patricia Putman, Corner High School
2012 Gary Weatherly, Mountain Brook High School

2013– Amy Patel,  James Clement High School

2014–Revel Gholston, Opelika High School

2015–Eric St. James, Spain Park High School